New COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines

Please see the full 12/02/2020 release below from the Colorado Office of Communications from the Department of Public Health & Environment regarding the new, reduced quarantine length options for people with COVID-19 exposure with no subsequent symptoms. In synopsis: If exposed people do not develop symptoms, they may be released from quarantine after completing dayContinue reading “New COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines”

FREE Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Event this Wednesday 11/11/2020

Please also see the information below from the Ouray County Public Health Agency: PRESS RELEASENovember 4, 2020Contact: Tanner Kingery, Director, Ouray County Public Health AgencyPhone: 970-325-4670Email: tkingery@ouraycountyco.govFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:OURAY COUNTY SAFER AT HOME STATUS POTENTIAL CHANGE AND COMMUNITY TESTING EVENTOuray County may be moving to the Safer at Home Level 2 (Yellow) status based onContinue reading “FREE Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Event this Wednesday 11/11/2020”

Add Your Phone to Fight COVID-19

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment released a new phone application over the weekend that has the potential to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state. Please note that this app is completely optional and must be downloaded (on androids) and enabled (on iPhones) before it works. Go to to learnContinue reading “Add Your Phone to Fight COVID-19”

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Mountain Medical Center wants the community to be aware that we can do both Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swabs (a diagnostic test to tell you if you have a current COVID-19 infection) and blood draws for COVID-19 antibody testing (to tell you if you previously had an infection). COVID-19 Testing Update (from MMC only) Over the pastContinue reading “COVID-19 Antibody Testing”

COVID-19 Symptoms

In case you weren’t aware, the State of Colorado has a really comprehensive website dedicated to everything COVID-19 related in the state. This particular page does a great job breaking down the difference between mild vs. worsening vs. severe symptoms. We have copy/pasted some of the pertinent information below. Please note – if you haveContinue reading “COVID-19 Symptoms”

PPE Gear @ MMC

Mountain Medical Center would like to say a big thank you to the National Guard for delivering the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we ordered through Unified Incident Command and the Ouray County Public Health Association. We appreciate you! We have also received donations of gloves, masks, face shields, ear savers, and more from various communityContinue reading “PPE Gear @ MMC”

Financial Assistance for Ouray County Residents

Local resident Ashley King posted this on Facebook today, and we wanted to make sure that any of our patients who are struggling with paying items like rent/mortgage and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic are aware of this incredible fund! HEY OURAY COUNTY! I want to make sure you know about this fund reading “Financial Assistance for Ouray County Residents”