Patient Resources

Looking to become an established patient?

Please download/print, complete, and submit the three pages on the form below to our office at 295 Sherman Street in Ridgway prior to calling for an appointment to establish care.

Please note: the forms must go through our internal review and approval process before an appointment to establish care can be scheduled. This should be completed within one week of submission.

*Please note that we are not currently accepting new patients with chronic pain medication management needs or with an out-of-county Medicaid policy as their primary insurance coverage.

Simply needing a one-time acute visit?

If you are a traveler or local and are experiencing an acute issue like strep throat, UTI, laceration, a non-displaced broken bone, etc., we can schedule the initial acute care visit without officially establishing care. Please call the front office to get on the schedule and we will accommodate same day appointments whenever possible. 970.626.5123 x 1

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals are available for a $60 flat rate fee. If your child has insurance and is due for a well child check (over 365 days since previous WCC), we can also simply schedule a well child check (which are free if your insurance is ACA compliant) and complete the sports physical at the same time. Please fill out this form as appropriate before the appointment.

HIPAA / Privacy Notifications

Please note that due to HIPAA privacy rules, we are unable to share ANY information with spouses / family members / friends without written authorization on file. This includes if your child has just turned 18 but still lives at home. Please download the following form, fill out, and bring with to your appointment to ensure communication of your health information (including simple requests like appointment time verification) can be communicated with your loved ones.

Medical Records Requests

Click here for more information regarding requests to send out records or to request records be sent to our office from previous providers.

Currently Uninsured?

All self-pay patients are offered a 30% discount on the office charges when paying in full at time of service. The same discounted rate applies if you are submitting your receipts to a health sharing program. Labs are billed separately by Quest Diagnostics.

If you would like to apply for our sliding scale program, please complete the application below. Please note that we strongly encourage you to apply for Colorado State Medicaid (Health First Colorado) before applying for sliding scale eligibility for more comprehensive coverage as sliding scale approval at MMC would apply only to office visit charges at this office. All labs, tests, and charges from other doctors or hospitals are separate.

MMC does not currently accept CICP. Please contact Uncompahgre Medical Center in Norwood if you would like to utilize your CICP.

Patient Portal Access

As of 5/13/2021, all patient communication, appointment confirmations, lab results, office notes, etc. will be posted in our new patient portal through Healow with eCW.

Please note that your old username and password will NOT work as this is an entirely new portal. Please contact the office if your current email doesn’t work as your username.

We are very excited about this new portal and hope you’ll find it to be more user friendly. Once fully activated, you’ll be able to make account payments, send messages to your provider, view records, and more! Please visit to sign up. Our office code for sign-up through their phone app is FADACD.

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