Patient Portal F.A.Q.

Hello Mountain Medical Center patients! Lately we have been receiving a lot of questions about accessing our new electronic patient portal. Hopefully the FAQ below will help clarify any potential confusion.

*Reminder* The new portal went live on May 13, 2020. However, your account will not start receiving data until you’ve activated your account.

Q. What is the name of the new portal?
A. Healow Patient Portal

Q. What is the new login URL for MMC patients?

Q. What is my new username and password?
A. Please note that your old username and password from the old portal will NOT be the same in the new portal. Most people’s usernames are their email address. If you don’t know your username/password, please call the front office and ask them to web enable you.

Q. Can I use my old username & password?
A. Only if you call the front office to have them set it up that way.

Q. What is the unique practice code needed to install the app on my smart phone?

Q. Can I join the patient portal if I’m not yet accepted as an established patient?
A. No. If you are not yet a patient, you will need to complete our new patient forms that are on the website and submit them for review.

Q. Can I email my medical provider?
A. Not via regular email. However, you can send an electronic message through your patient portal!

Q. What all can I access through my patient portal?
A. Billing statements, patient education, upcoming appointment details, appointment visit summaries, medication lists, and more!

If your question hasn’t been answered above, please don’t hesitate to call and ask. We will do our best to answer your question in a timely manner and add it to this FAQ page as appropriate!

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