Reminder: Masks Required

Mountain Medical Center would like to remind our patients that mask wearing continues to be required in the clinic building, both by office staff and by our patients age two and above.

We are aware that a small number of individuals cannot wear masks for health reasons. If you believe you fall in this category, please call our office ahead of time to determine if a TeleVisit or car visit is appropriate for you.

If you are simply unwilling to wear a mask because of personal ideologies, please note that we will be not able to provide you with in-person medical care at this time. Protecting our patients (and especially our high-risk population) is a priority of MMC, and those precautions include ensuring that symptomatic patients do not enter our building and asymptomatic patients & staff wear masks at all times.

Patients should arrive with their own personal mask for use as we have a limited supply for our own staff to use day after day.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep us all healthy!

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