Montrose Memorial Hospital Update

Please find below an email we received from MMH on behalf of Montrose County Incident Command regarding Montrose Memorial Hospital. Lots of good news!

Hospital Week seems like a great time to update our staff and providers on how we continue to keep your health our top priority. Since before the arrival of our first COVID-19 case, we have spent countless hours researching and implementing policies and procedures to keep our people safe – staying flexible to ensure we have the latest procedures in place, and following guidelines from national health organizations when available.

 We have been fortunate to see great results from what we have done, including:

  • No positive COVID tests among MMH employees since early April!
  • Recent reduced traffic to COVID-19 intranet page – indicating people feel they are educated on the resources available there
  • Successful conservation of PPE supplies
  • Increased percentage of staff Fit Tested

This has been made possible because of all we have done – and continue to do – with your health (and all our health) in mind:

  • We are screening all patients for COVID-19 prior to their elective surgery
  • Expanding Tru-D utilization; UVC disinfection in all COVID and suspected COVID patient rooms
  • Restricting visitation to one visitor per patient, with exceptions. The Emergency Department may allow multiple visitors at Provider’s discretion.
  • Checkpoints conducting temperature checks and screening questions to ensure employee safety
  • Mandating use of face masks for all employees, providers, patients, and visitors
  • Environmental Services increasing frequency of cleaning hi-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs and railings
  • Additional Environmental Services staffing in E.D. at height of pandemic to help clean patient rooms
  • Establishing COVID-19 intranet page as additional venue for COVID information
  • Producing PPE donning & doffing educational videos
  • Increasing availability of Fit Testing
  • Standardizing procedure for requesting N95 masks
  • Creative partnerships with outside organizations, such as partnership with Montrose County School District for 3D printed hardware to improve supply of PAPR hoods
  • Moving services off-site as needed to help reduce potential for COVID-19 spread (i.e. Outpatient Labs)
  • Setting up COVID-19 Incident Command email address to receive & address your important questions
  • Establishing weekly COVID-19 townhall calls to ensure clear communication
  • Holding daily COVID-19 Safety Huddles after regularly scheduled Safety Huddle to address questions in our rapidly changing environment
  • Communicating daily Incident Command notes with staff and providers to ensure all were informed on the latest developments
  • Shifting staff to Employee Health, encouraging employees to receive advisement on next steps if they are showing one or more symptoms

We are thankful to many for their contributions to this effort, making it all possible– especially Infection Prevention, Employee Health and other key players who have dedicated themselves towards this goal. Special recognition also goes to you – for upholding these guidelines even when they are sometimes inconvenient. Thank you for putting the health of your colleagues and patients number one – it is yet another testimony to how we are providing Five Star Care for our community!

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