New Electronic Health Records System

Dear MMC Patients,

Next week we are switching the office to a new electronic health record system. Please note that this is a large endeavor and will require a bit of patience from all of us during this time of transition!

To begin with, the entire staff will be in training on Monday from 8am-1pm, so unless you have an urgent matter, please delay your phone call inquiries until Monday afternoon. If you do call, you will be patched through to the answering service and the on call Provider if appropriate.

The office will also be physically closed to the public on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings as Providers will be in more trainings. However, the front office staff will be available for phone calls.

Moving forward, we will also be utilizing a new patient portal program, so please keep your eye out for that announcement & connection information. You will still be able to access all existing documents in your FollowMyHealth portal.

We are looking forward to this upgrade in order to better serve your needs!

MMC Staff

2 thoughts on “New Electronic Health Records System

    1. No sir. They are completely separate platforms that cannot be combined. You will continue to have access to FMH even after MMC no longer utilizes the platform.


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