Financial Assistance for Ouray County Residents

Local resident Ashley King posted this on Facebook today, and we wanted to make sure that any of our patients who are struggling with paying items like rent/mortgage and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic are aware of this incredible fund!


I want to make sure you know about this fund

It is open ONLY to Ouray County residents and has several hundred thousand dollars in it.

It offers up to $2,000 in assistance per household (and in some cases, they are open to it being open to $2k per person).

I worked very hard in helping to set up this fund over the past few weeks — and it just seems like folks in OC are not paying attention (probably because there’s just SO much out there).

PLEASE spread the word.

They can help with things like rent, mortgage, utilities.

The fund is funded by locals who want to see our locals STAY in the area.

You will have to fill out the application and provide things like proof of bills owed, etc…. but it’s up to $2K to help you get along with things right now!

Please let me know if you have any questions –


– Ashley King via the Ridgway-Ouray Residents Page on Facebook

General Information About the Fund: Click Here

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