1st Positive COVID-19 Test

Unfortunately, the day has come when we need to announce that MMC has received it’s first positive COVID-19 test result. While we all hoped that our number would stay at zero, the reality is that this is simply confirmation that the virus is here in our county, and all of our residents need to be giving their best efforts to shelter at home in order to slow the spread of this virus.

Also, the Ouray County Public Health Agency announced today a second positive COVID-19 test result for a male Ouray County resident in his 80s. This test was not performed at MMC, but the result does count for Ouray County tallies.

Current COVID-19 Test Results only for tests performed at MMC are as follows:

  • Administered: 9
  • Positive: 1
  • Negative: 4
  • Pending: 4

(+ 1 positive from a test administered at Montrose Memorial Hospital)

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