More COVID-19 Tests are Now Available!

Mountain Medical Center has been working in concert with Ouray County Public Health to obtain more COVID-19 tests for our county, and we are happy to let the community know that OCPH was able to get 30 additional tests for us from Montrose Memorial Hospital today. Thank you for hand delivering those tests to us, Tanner!

We are also changing our lab protocol to process these tests at a lab MMH is newly contracted with instead of sending them to the Quest lab in Denver. Our hope is that this will help to expedite test results for our patients moving forward.

Please keep in mind that we are still following guidance from the CDC in regards to determining who needs to be tested, as clearly 30 tests won’t cover the 4,000 people in Ouray County. This is a great step in the right direction, though! If you have never been to our clinic but feel you need an appointment to be assessed because of your symptoms, please feel free to call the front office at 970-626-5123 to schedule your car consult with a Provider. If you are currently healthy, please continue to shelter-in-place and self-isolate as much as possible to help slow the spread of this virus in our community. We appreciate your efforts!

Current Testing Results from MMC:

  • Administered: 9
  • Positive: 0
  • Negative: 4
  • Pending: 5

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