Appointment Format Options at MMC

Mountain Medical Center is currently offering three different appointment formats in order to do our best to protect the healthy population from potential exposures.

Virtual Visits

Most insurance carriers have loosened their TeleMedicine regulations & requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is allowing doctor’s offices much more latitude to do virtual visits with patients from the privacy of their own homes whenever appropriate. MMC is using the HIPAA-Compliant medical version of the Zoom platform to comply with the synchronous audiovisual connection requirements. You must have a smartphone or computer with a forward-facing camera in order to sign up for a virtual visit. These appointments are billed to your insurance like normal and are still subject to any applicable co-pay, coinsurance, and deductible. Appropriate visits would be for conditions that don’t require a physical exam, such as consults for anxiety/depression, insomnia, lab result reviews, Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, etc.

Car Visits

If you are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), your appointment will take place in the parking lot at MMC to prevent any exposure to the inside of the clinic. Our staff will be fully gowned in PPE gear for the duration of the appointment. Strep, influenza, and COVID-19 testing can be done from the comfort of your vehicle and prescriptions prescribed as appropriate. This will be billed as a standard office visit.

Office Visits

If you have an acute issue not related to respiratory symptoms (UTI, ear ache, laceration repair, broken bones, etc) or a chronic condition due for management that requires vitals be obtained and possible labs drawn (diabetes, hypertension, etc), your appointment will still take place in the actual office. However, your check-in will happen from your vehicle where your temperature will be taken and a few screening questions asked before you are allowed into the building.

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