Losing Health Insurance because of COVID-19?

From the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (CDHCPF):

Open Enrollment for Uninsured Coloradans

Connect for Health Colorado has opened up a two-week Special Enrollment period for Coloradans who are currently uninsured or about to lose coverage due to COVID-19. That coverage will start April 1, 2020, and Coloradans must enroll by April 3 to receive coverage under this COVD-19 rule. Visit the Connect for Health Colorado COVID-19 Support web page to learn more.

From Connect for Health Colorado:

Uninsured Coloradans Can Enroll during a Special Enrollment Period in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak • Connect for Health Colorado

Applicants should select the enrollment reason as, “Will lose or lost health insurance and/or have no other health coverage during the COVID-19 outbreak” and input the application date as the qualifying life change event date. Residents who take these steps will not be asked by health insurance companies to provide documentation to verify their eligibility for the Special Enrollment period.

As always, Coloradans can sign up for a plan if they experience other qualifying life change events, including loss of job-based and Health First Colorado (Medicaid) coverage. Coloradans may be eligible to enroll in a new plan if they experience changes or losses in income, which should be reported to Connect for Health Colorado. Residents who qualify for Health First Colorado (Medicaid) or the Child Health Plan Plus program can enroll online through the PEAK application any time during the year.

Please apply by this Friday if your health insurance coverage has changed as a result of COVID-19 employment changes!

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