UPDATE: 3/24/2020


Is it Business as Usual at MMC? Mostly!

We have gotten a lot of calls from patients who are due for routine care asking if they should keep their scheduled appointments, and in the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes!

MMC is taking every precaution to ensure the health & safety of the patients who come into our clinic. All staff members are having their temperatures taken twice daily, wearing masks & gloves when in contact with patients, and self-isolating as much as possible.

Also, as noted last week, all appointment check-ins are happening in patient vehicles by our fully gowned and masked staff. Screening questions are asked and temperatures taken, and if the patients pass the screenings, only then are they escorted immediately to an exam room (one by one, ensuring no patient contact). If a patient has any concerning symptoms or travel/contact history, our Providers are actually evaluating the patients while they are still in their vehicles.

Can I do a Virtual Visit? Maybe.

We are working to obtain specific coverage information from all of the different insurance payers, but at this point it is confirmed that Medicare, Medicaid, and Pinnacol Workman’s Comp have loosened their requirements for virtual TeleMedicine visits, so in some cases we may be able to convert your scheduled appointment to a HIPAA-compliant Zoom video conference call. Please note that those appointments are still subject to your normal copay and deductible. We will update here as soon as we learn more about specific commercial payer coverage!

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