COVID-19 Tests Available

UPDATE: 3/20/2020

COVID-19 tests are now available at MMC. However, Quest Labs was only able to provide us with 10 tests, despite the fact that we ordered more than that. Because of that, we will have to use extreme selectivity when determining if a patient meets the testing criteria. If you are currently experiencing the following symptoms, you may qualify for testing:

1. Fever OR
2. Cough OR
3. Shortness of breath AND
4. Age 65 or older or have one or more of the following conditions:
a. diabetes
b. heart disease
c. receiving immunosuppressive medication
d. having an immunocompromising condition
e. chronic lung disease
f. chronic kidney disease
g. pregnancy

Also, Ouray County now has a dedicated hotline number set up for questions. Please call (970) 626-5484 if you have more COVID-19 questions.

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