COVID-19 and MMC

UPDATE: 3/16/2020 @ 1pm MST

MMC desires to maintain our ability to care for the entire spectrum of health issues for our community during this pandemic with COVID-19, so we have determined it is prudent to screen all patients for upper respiratory infections (URIs) before they enter the building. Please call 970-626-5123 from the parking lot to check-in for your scheduled appointment and a staff member will be out to ask you a set of screening questions and check you in if appropriate.

  • If it is determined that you have a mild URI, our recommendation is that you self-isolate at home, rest, and hydrate. Please do not come into the office for mild URI symptoms at this time. Keep in mind that there is no treatment for mild symptoms of the common cold or COVID-19.
  • If you have moderate symptoms, our Providers may do a car examination and test you for strep and/or influenza. If you test positive for either, medications can be prescribed as appropriate without you coming into the clinic.
  • If you test negative for strep & influenza but have traveled to a high-risk area, and/or are considered a high-risk patient, we may potentially write you an order to obtain testing at the established COVID-19 site in Norwood as appropriate until testing kits are available in our county. Please call our office to determine if that is the correct path for your health care needs.
  • If you are having extreme shortness of breath or persistent chest pain, please go to your nearest emergency room.

Again, please DO NOT come into our office if you are suffering with cough, fever & body aches. Stay home (to rest & hydrate as long as you are not experiencing breathing issues) or stay in your car in the parking lot and call first for instructions. By entering our building with these symptoms you may compromise our ability to care for others by forcing the shut down of services.  It is best not to seek medical care in the emergency department at Montrose Memorial Hospital unless you have symptoms of severe illness. Severe symptoms include high or very low body temperature, shortness of breath, confusion, or a feeling you might pass out.

We encourage patients who are not ill to keep your appointments so care of your chronic medical issues is not compromised. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned between patients, and we will do our best to get you into a room from your vehicle as quickly as possible to limit contact during this time of recommended social distancing.

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